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I have always wanted to learn to fly, and was “only” going to get my Private Pilot Certificate. I joined the Pensacola Navy Flying Club (PNFC) in January 1998 earning my Private Pilot Certificate that June. Continuing my training, I went on to earn my Instrument Rating at PNFC before being transferred to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in Ohio. While stationed at WPAFB, I was able to acquire my Commercial Pilot Certificate and decided to continue my flight training and obtained my Flight Instructor Certificate in September 2003. I have to say, by then I was “hooked.” I now hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, FAA Gold Seal and Master Certificated Flight Instructor-Emeritus Certificate (6-time), as well as Flight Instructor Instrument, Multi-Engine Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor Certificates. I enjoy instructing in both Single engine and Multi- Engine aircraft to those pursuing their Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot as well as Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.  In 2016, I became a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), under the Birmingham, Alabama, Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).


Lamar A. Childs
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